Unite for Children

In the 21st century we still live in a world of contrasts and extremes and these factors are simply governed by where a person is born and raised. Here in the west we expect quality health care as a given right, but to a mother and child living in the shadow of HIV/AIDS in Africa receiving any health care is a true blessing.

In the Netherlands, a country blessed with prosperity, this way of life is highlighted by the lifestyle of Renate Verbaan – a glamorous model and TV celebrity. However underneath this glamorous exterior, Renate is a mother of a newborn child and has a committed passion for the work of Unicef.

Renate wants to deepen her knowledge and compassion about what it means to another mother to share hope for a new child: a child who is an innocent casualty of the stigma of HIV/AIDS.

During a life-changing passage of discovery, Renate will also experience the day-to-day work of a dedicated Unicef team as they diagnose transmissions and administer potentially life-saving medication. This program is known as Preventing Mother-To-Child Transmission or PMTCT.

In an honest, upfront and emotional journey against the background of a country in turmoil, Renate will truly experience the meaning of Hope as she witnesses, first hand, the work of a team of dedicated doctors and staff who give their energy to save the lives of children.

Cote d'Ivoire

Status Completed

Category Culture

Style Talent Driven Doc

Genre Childhood Rights

Duration 24 Minutes



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