To the Cape of Wrath

Just the name Cape Wrath sends shivers down your spine and ignites the imagination. In a world of ever-crowded spaces, this epic Scottish adventure is set in the remotest reaches of the highlands is a challenge like no other.

This crowd-funded project has brought us full circle. Almost 20 years ago, Cape Wrath was set on our horizon and a film was being conceived. We tried back then but were unable to complete, due to an ankle injury.

Now in 2020 and powered by social media, crowd and brand funding, the adventure will continue. The whole project will be filmed on the Nikon Z6 and will be our first production in conjunction with our new camera partner.

Starting in Ft Wiliam the 230-mile journey on foot will take over three weeks to complete. It will pass mountains, lochs, moorland and shorelines, carrying all we need to thrive in such a remote land. Wild camping and bothy dwelling along the way.

Our team, found on social media will share the adventure and immerse themselves in the freedom of the great outdoors. For some it's just an adventure, for others it's a chance to put to rest some demons and draw attention to the benefits of the wild, for our mental health.

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We are proud to be wokring with the follwoing brands to deliver this project:

Terra Nova Equipment 

Ellis Brigham Mountain Sports 

Paramo Directional Clothing 

Cicerone Press 

Base Camp Foods 

Bridgedale Socks 

Harvey Maps 

and Nikon Europe 

Photo Credits from his past expedtion in 2019 to Brad Cain 

Cape of Wrath

Status Postponed due to Covid 19 till Oct 2020

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Genre Advernture 

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