The Runner

Something starts to come into focus, It’s very blurred. There are sounds of cheering, but all the man can hear is his heart pounding in his chest. He tries to focus more, sweat drips into his eyes, it burns. He has already run 250 km in the sand, it has zapped all of his energy. It's above 40c. He stumbles, he shakes, he focuses all his training. Suddenly he can read the words - ‘finshig line'.

He has crossed the line with Parkinson's Disease, but this does not define the man. He is Alex Flynn… an Ultra Marathon Runner.

Alex from Oxford in the UK will take part in the ‘Racing the Planet’ Ultra Marathon in the deserts of the Skeleton Coast in Namibia, running unsupported. This gruelling in the extreme 250-kilometre race pushes all the athletes to the limit of human endurance.

Alex was diagnosed in 2008 with this currently incurable chronic neurodegenerative disease, should have prevented Alex from taking on the seemingly impossible but, remarkably, it hasn’t.

The whole project will be filmed on the Nikon Z6 and will be our first production in conjunction with our new camera parter


Status Postponed due to Covid 19 till Nov 2020

Category Advernture 

Style Participant Driven

Genre Advernture & Geography 

Duration Feature 

Outlet Festival & Online


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