Steet 2 Peak 

Jamaican born adventurer Dwayne Fileds in partnership with Ordnance Survey took a team of unlikely suspects to the summit of Ben Nevis the highest mountain the UK.

Dwayne, having been mixed up with the inner city gangs himself and a victim of both knife and gun crime, knew all too well the benefits of connecting to the great outdoors. So he hatched a plan to find six disenfranchised young adults - some of them had been directly involved in crime and gang association. 

Now Dwayne's team with a few days or mountain training at home of the Scouting Association - Gilwell Park - were ready to undertake their challenge. 

In a series of online films and a live 'on the sofa' segment and short film broadcast on the BBC One Show, the change of the team was palpable and inspiring - living testimanet to the importanance of being connected to the power awe of nature. 

Fort William Scotland

Status Delivered 

Category Advernture 

Style Participant Driven

Genre Advernture 

Duration 15 shorts & segment on BBC's 'One Show'

Outlet Online & Broadcast 

Client Ordnance Survey & BBC 

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