Racing Green Endurance

New Earth Films is proud to be working with Claudio von Planta who is best known for filming and directing Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman in the highly successful series called “Long Way Round” and “Long Way Down”.

Together we will told the story of Racing Green Endurance by following a team of Imperial College students in London who have designed and built an electric powered super car with a record-breaking range of 500km.

To prove the endurance and reliability of their innovative sports car, they drove the visually stunning 26,000km Pan-American Highway from Alaska to Argentina.

The journey will not be easy. They will face many challenges – climatic, political, logistical and technical.

The dynamics and interactions of the team, the technical challenges and all the thrills of an extraordinary adventure through many different cultures and climate zones make for dramatic, thrilling entertainment that is truly informative and educational as well.

Racing Green Endurance will be a showed that promotes sustainable clean technology, challenges the public perception of electric cars and encourages a pioneering sense of modern adventure.

New Earth Films helped out on location as well as collaborating with broadcasters to deliver this unique, innovative and special story. This series is a Von Planta Production.

Status Distribution

Category Adventure

Style Ob-Doc

Genre Travel & Ethical Engineering

Duration 2x 24 Minutes


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