The Cold Chain

Our journey began in a deep freezer at the UNICEF outpost in the Kalimantan town of Pontianak; from here life saving vaccines will start an incredible journey by river and road to the small village of Riam Dadap.

The challenge was to get the vaccines back into deep cold storage before they became spoilt by the sweltering tropical heat and humidity – with only a domestic chill box to protect them along the way.

Upon arrival a team from UNICEF and National Geographic were warmly greeted and welcomed into the village with song and dance.

The following day was spent with dedicated UNICEF supported doctors and nurses who would care and offer advice for hundreds of children and parents with problems ranging from malnutrition to the killer Malaria.

Without the non-profit work of UNICEF tens of thousands of children would suffer needlessly. The dedication and commitment of the filmed workers never ceases to amaze.


Status Completed

Category Culture

Style Talent Driven

Genre Social Anthoropology

Duration 4 Minutes

Outlet Festival & Online


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