Living on the Edge

a Life in the Sahel

Every year, over two billion birds from Europe make the incredible journey to Africa. An epic journey covering thousands of kilometres. Sometimes in just a few days.

On the way south they must endure many hardships such as the climate damming and de-forestation, combined this is turning vast areas into deserts. Making life difficult for birds and humans alike. Hunting is also taking a heavy toll, even on endangered species.

Fortunately, there are plenty of initiatives along the fly-route, where people are trying to improve living conditions in a sustainable way, for both birds and people alike.

After their time in Africa the birds now head north again, back to summer in Europe. But here intensive agriculture and increasing urbanisation is making it more and more difficult for migratory birds to find suitable breeding sites. Their fate hangs in a balance here too.

But just as in Africa, people in Europe are making efforts to protect the migratory birds. But only time will tell if its too little too late. The fate of billions of birds are moving closer to a ‘Living on the Edge’.

Stunning RED 4K images of nature, including European migratory birds but also resident African birds, are interspersed with remarkable stories of people and cultures from countries along the migratory flyway. You will discover how the fate of migratory birds and people are one.

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Status Distribution

Category Wildlife

Style Narrated Factual

Genre Conservation

Duration 60 Minutes


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