Inland Ice

Greenland is the second largest island on our planet, covering over two million square kilometres and with a population of only approximately 57,000 people.

A fragile 85 percent of the island is ice cap and a team of six intrepid explorers attempted to cross from West to East covering a total of 600 kilometres unaided across pristine white wilderness.

The team filmed their own video diaries about their fears and triumphs. This footage was complemented with ‘Fly-on-the-Wall’ documentary techniques and interviews to camera before, during and after the expedition.

Following their story from planning to training, from their amazing sledge pulling attempt to actual life on the ice cap itself.

Not only the team, but also the filmmakers endured extremely low temperatures, biting winds, crevasses and the constant risk of attack from the ‘Red List’ endangered Polar Bear.

The team was supported by UNEP – the United Nations Environment Program. New Earth teamed up with our friends at deepeei productions.

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Status Distribution

Category Adventure

Style Ob-Doc

Genre Exploration

Duration 3 x 55 Minutes


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