Eye to Eye with Everest

We followed the brave attempt of Dr. Thomas Weber on his amazing quest of being the first visually impaired climber to reach the North Face of the Worlds highest mountain… Mt Everest.

Thomas wanted to inspire people to push the boundaries of human endeavor and in the process raise funds for the Tilganga eye clinic based in Kathmandu.

However, only 50m from achieving his dream, Thomas was forced to turn back. During his descent, he suddenly collapsed and died. We will never know why, but bare comfort knowing he died living his dreams.

His body still lies where it fell, on the roof of the world.

Moments later we then became involved in the dramatic story of the Australian climber Lincoln Hall. After successfully summiting, Lincoln fell victim to HACE, a deadly form of mountain sickness.

With his brain swelling, he believed he was on a yacht and refused to move from his 8700m hight ledge.

After a brave 12 hour attempt to save his life, the decision was made to leave him to face the mountain alone. But, fate was on Lincoln’s side! At dawn another climbing party found him alive, suffering from exposure and frostbite he was dragged off the mountain.

We did not plan to become part of the story, but in a strange twist of fate, his film is told from our point of view - That of the filmmaker.

We spent a total of nine weeks on location in Nepal and Tibet, those weeks that left a deep impression to us all. Our love goes out to the family of Thomas Weber and the other climbers who have died on the worlds highest mountain. New Earth team up with our friends at deepeei productions and 7Summits.com to tell this amazing story.


Lincoln Hall recently passed away with cancer, he touched our lives during the making of this film in ways we can never describe, our love goes to his family.

Photo Credits: Harry Kikstra 

Mt. Everest

Status Distribution

Category Adventure

Style Ob-Doc

Genre Exploration & Extreme Sports

Duration 85 Minutes

Distribution New Earth Films


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