Children of Gold

Gold… a precious metal, highly valued and coveted in many societies throughout the centuries, but where does it sometimes come from?

In a personal encounter, Paul van Vliet a decorated UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador visited Burkina Faso – a landlocked country in West Africa with one of the lowest GDP per capita figures in the world.

He witnesses first hand how UNICEF is providing long-term humanitarian and development assistance to children and mothers.

New Earth Films traveled to Burkina Faso with UNICEF, Paul van Vliet, and National Geographic to highlight the plight of child labor in the country’s gold mines.

At least 47% of children between the ages of 5 and 14 work in these gold mines under dreadful conditions that often lead to injuries, maiming and disfigurements, and chronic diseases.

A UNICEF supported program provides mothers with funds to start small-scale work activities, as well as literacy classes and money management skills.

Children are encouraged to attend school and young people are given vocational training. The main goal is to break the cycle of poverty and desperation – UNICEF together with their ambassadors can make a difference.

Photos Credits: DXanthopoulos

Burkina Faso

Status Completed

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Genre Childhood Rights

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