All the Wild Horses

When you mention Mongolia you think a majestic land with stunning landscape and rich culture, what a better place to stage the worlds Toughest Horse Race.

3rd Eye Productions commissioned New Earth Films to assist them in the production. The challenge was to film the 45 plus international riders over a 1000 kilometer course crossing deep river and mountain passes.

The whole event was monitored by a team of international vets who were on call to look after the horses and by monitoring heart rates they ensured the horse was not overexerted.

The ride, however, proved more hazards’ for the riders than the semi-wild horses, with one broken collarbone, fractured pelvis and a collapsed lung and all with the first six kilometers. Only a broken neck, later on, added to the real drama.

With over 50% of the riders either with injuries or exhaustion being retired from the race, this great adventure in a stunning landscape proved the perfect place to explore people’s motivation and a quest for a true adventure.


Status Completed

Category Adventure

Style Ob-Doc

Genre Extreme Sports

Duration 90 Minutes


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