A Life Worth Living

Jon Hastie is a man with a conviction and a man with courage; he is also a man living with the fatal time bomb called Duchene Muscular Dystrophy. This muscle wasting condition mostly affects boys and lies hidden until the age of about six.

In a slow process taking ten or twenty years or so, this condition leaves nearly all muscles completely useless, in most cases, the heart is the last muscle to fall prey, normally before its’ victim's 30th birthday.

Jon Hastie, knowing full well he would live a shorter life than most, wanted to make full use of his life, to prove his life was a life worth living. Not only did he gain a PhD in politics, but now already past his 30th birthday, he alongside his dedicated carer Jan (or Super Jan as we called him) set out on a quest to travel the length and breadth of the UK in search of other suffers of the condition, who also wanted to prove that their life was also a life worth living.

Commissioned directly by the Hastie family, this powerful and emotive story was directed and produced by Annie Perkins.

Great Britian

Status Completed

Category Culture

Style Portrait Ob-Doc

Genre Social Anthoropology

Duration 90 Minutes

Outlet Festival & Online


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