Film & TV Risk Assessment

“Planning, consultancy and training”.

  • Does your production need careful planning & risk assessment?
  • Are you working on, or production managing a shoot in a hostile environment?
  • Do you require some first-hand experience in ensuring the safety of your crew?

Then we have over 30 years experience working in both manmade and natural hostile environments having worked in some of the most extreme, from Somalia, Afghanistan to Antarctica and the Sahara. 

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Film, TV & Media Hostile Environment Training  

"Avoiding you, from becoming the headline"!

We have the best job in the world… It allows us to see and experience things, that most people can only dream of. It can take us to a whole variety of amazing and interesting places, far from the well-known tourist traps… It puts us in contact with people that you would never normally meet.

One day, we could be filming a lost tribe in a remote part of Borneo and the next working in the Canadian Arctic…

However, there is a darker side; statistically, media crews have a higher death and accident rate than firefighters! - a lot of these incidents are avoidable with the right preparations and knowledge. 

The aim of this course

To give you basic tools to avoid getting into trouble in the first place; we examine every part of preparing a foreign shoot, from its conception to a safe return… from social-political to the natural world. 

We then shift the emphasis of the course in practical training if things do get out of hand and how you could get out of a situation not only alive but with your mental health intact and with all your body parts!!!

Our USP 

Most Hostile Environment Media training is conducted by ex-military personnel, and although this has its obvious benefits, it lacks the application of using the safeguards for those using it - us the content generators.  

Our knowledge comes first hand from being on the ground and dealing with problems and situations close up and personal. Either in the back streets of Mogadishu or a mountain pass in Afghanistan. As well as time on Mt Everest to Antarctica to the Sahara to the jungles of Borneo. 

We offer a three-day course in both London and Bristol

at a cost of £600 with a maximum of six students 

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Expedition, Consultancy & Branding

"What do YOU need to get your adventure off the ground?”

We enjoy working with those who share a passion for adventure, but we know all too well the efforts of getting your project even past your own doorstep! 

We will help you 'join-your-dots' to make your adventure a reality. By combining years of contacts and network in the adventure-travel world from the Royal Geographical and National Geographic Societies to relations with branded content agencies and PR Companies, to commissioners of adventure programming.

If you're having trouble getting your adventure off the ground, then get in touch!

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Location Fixing & Consultancy

“location support all over the globe”.

We offer well thought out and methodical location consultancy for all your global location needs. Whether it's using our own first-hand knowledge and experience gained in over 130 countries. Or by using the bank of trustworthy fixers and local producers that we have come to know over the years.

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Our Partners

New Earth Films partners with TerraNova Equipment

This family-owned British tent manufacturer has been central to all our expeditions. In fact, our name 'New Earth’ whilst sheltering from an artic storm was inspired by them … Terra Nova, is New Earth...

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New Earth Films partners with Paramo Directional Clothing

This family-owned British clothing manufacturer in our opinion makes the best outdoor clothing for operating in any condition. Backed up by high ethical standards for both social and environmental.

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New Earth Films partners with Nikon Europe

We have been using Nikon for over 30 years and excited to be partnering with them in 2020, and beyond. All our productions this year will be shot using the Z6 in conjunction with the Atoms Ninja V.

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