Creative Development Director

Annie is a writer and director. Her work covers years of experience in contemporary theatre, performance art, casting, executive development and documentary and feature filmmaking. This includes a feature titled ‘Changing Fortunes’ directed by Rutger Hauer, for which Annie co-wrote.

Annie has worked with major US channels including National Geographic and PBS. This Includes shoots in Japan of where she investigated the conspiracy theory surrounding use of artificial sweeteners and its lobbying power, against the use of natural products in ‘The Stevia Report’.

For New Earth, Annie heads up the development team where she coordinates the ideas and stories ready for pitching and production. Annie also builds relations with our NGOs, Non Profits and Foundation lead clients. It's an element of the business, that she feels very close to.

On a personal front she personally helped set up Medical Checks for Children, a charity that sends medical teams to orphanages in India, Nepal and Tibet and is a dedicated, ardent supporter of human rights, social justice and nature conservation.