Base Camp

New Earth Films Base Camp is a 130 m² studio situated in The Hague, The Netherlands, with free parking and a short walk from Den Haag HS station, which is on a direct service from Schiphol Airport. It’s easy to come by and see us at anytime.

Our space allows us the room, not only for planning and those essential meetings, but also gives us the creative vibe to work and to be inspired.

Our Base Camp also houses our expedition equipment, from jungles, mountains to the polar regions, it’s all at hand. Allowing us to prep for any kind of shoot, in any kind of environment, at a moment’s notice.

We have fiber-optic internet and a dedicated iMac workstation should you need to work while visiting us.

Our Own Post Production Facility

The jewel in our crown is our fully air conditioned editing and post production facility, utilising 12 Core Mac Pro technology. Operating Avid, FinalCut, Adobe Premiere (Creative Cloud) and Black Magic’s Da Vinci grading. Complete with 4K screening capabilities.

We also cater for voice over recordings within our video feed isolated sound booth, this combined with a Pro Tools Audio Workflow allows us to offer a one stop solution for all your audio needs.