Safety & Risk Management

Risk Management for your H&S Requirements

We can offer you an integrate safety package for your entire production. We consider all aspects necessary to production manage your project. This covers all the aspects for your H&S requirements. Below is a list of some of the services we can provide.

  • Dynamic Risk Assessments.
  • Detailed Risk Assessments.
  • Planning, Advice and Consultancy.
  • Leadership and Support for Extreme Location Filming.
  • Training and Briefing of Personnel.
  • Organisation and Execution of Extractions, Searches and Rescues.
  • Consultancy for Remote and SAR Insurances.

H&S for New Earth Productions

When working with you, New Earth production crews have been trained in
Hostile Environment Operations, this includes natural as well as manmade hazards.
Furthermore on each assignment we run our own protocols with regards to risk

Plus our remote location crews have received advance first-aid training and poses various outdoor qualifications ranging from Mountain Leadership to Arctic Survival Training.

H&S Equipment

We have an extensive selection of in-house expedition and travel safety equipment allowing us to operate in any climate, location and any natural hazards. This includes satellite and EPERB equipment.