Eddy Zoey’s Bird Migration

Eddy Zoey is a celebrity presenter for Dutch commercial television. He is well known for his quick wit, easy-go-lucky style and enthusiastic personality. What Eddy’s fans don’t know is that he is a passionate, knowledgeable bird-watcher and keen environmentalist.

The Dutch equivalent of the Society for the Protection of Birds asked Eddy to present a series of short information films in support of a new membership campaign, to be broadcast on National Geographic Channel Benelux.

On a wet, wild and windy day typical for Northern Holland, New Earth Films and Eddy travelled to the Lauwersmeer National Park in the province of Groningen. Filmed by Micheal J Sanserson

Filming in RED 4K, we captured beautiful footage of the amazing scenery, the many bird species that either live or pass through this area and Eddy’s genuine, heartfelt compassion for the importance of birds.

He even spotted a small, rare bird that he knew about but had never seen before in the wild.

All in all, the campaign was successful, the footage beautiful and viewers enjoyed thoroughly the surprising, sincere nature-loving side of Eddy Zoey. Filmed by Michael J. Sanderson