New Earth blends perfectly its skills and passions for photography -

alongside its traditional film work, besides photography is the father of film 

Photographic has taken us on assignment with National Geographic Magazine, BBC Wildlife Magazine and others to name a few. Collecting images and stories from deforestation to extreme mountaineering.

Do you want to send us on assignment or perhaps improve your own photography? Whatever your needs are we would be curious to find out more!

join us on a unique experience photographic Masterclass with New Earth ”.

Photograpic Masterclass with New Earth  

Imporve your photography in the wilderness of Scotland in partnership with Loch Visions

Photography uses two parts of the brain. The 'creative'  - the story and emotion, versus the 'tech' -  the controles and the science. These componants are the building blocks of a photoraphic image, break them down and your photography will come alive! 

By the time you leave us you will have a better eye for a story and a deeper understanding of all the menus, buttons and dials. Helping you take control of your photography and opening up the world around you.

"Our friendly courses are designed to give you the tools to ge the most out of your photographs". 

Our Scottish adventure  

There is a romance associated with Scotland, none more so than its coastline, lochs and woodlands. During this adventure we will explore and hike around the Knapdale Forest and Lochgilphead region. Exploring the flora and fauna of this rich eco-system.

There will be many wildlife encounters and opportunities to photograph from either bespoke wildlife hides or known vantage points. Encountering Otter, Red Squirrel, Sea and Golden Eagle and Bever. With a special opportunity to photograph the illusive Badger. With hides unobtrusively placed near their sets. Nights are spent wild camping around a fire (where respectfully possible). There may also be an opportunity to photograph some amazing marine diversity from Dolphin, Porpoise and Grey Seals. We will aslo venture onto the remote Island of Scarba, where Puffins and other seabirds live in abbundance. 

When taking a photo it helps to have an understanding of the subject matter, so on of our West Coast experience not only will you learn all about your camera and its workings, but we will shed some light on the Geology, Flora and Fauna of the region.

In addition to Scotlands wildlife, we willnprovide plenty of opportunities to improve your landscape photography too.

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workshop  dossier 

Cost: £350

Dates: 17th September 2019 

Location: Lochgilphead Region - Scotland 

Places Available: 6

Duration: 3.5 days 

Experienced Required: None 

Exclusions: Transfers, Food & Accomadation (accomadaion can be arranged to suite your budget) 

Day 1:

19.00 arrive at a traditional Scottish Inn on the Ardfern peninsula for a meet-and-greet.

Here we will joined by Phillip Price a local and highly experienced wildlife photographer. Together will Philip and New Earth will give you a unforgettable photographic wildlife experience.

Then its time for some introductions and a briefing on the days ahead. We will also hold a Q&A where you can explain your experiences, motivations and photographic goals, so we can create more a bespoke experience for you all.  

Day 2:

Our day starts at a converted boat house, where we will discover all the basic elements to take great photos. We then move outside and explore the region, applying that theory into practise by exploring detail in the local enviroment, bark, moss, rocks etc. If you look carefully there is more detail at arms reach than meets the eye. After a picnic on the beach next to our boat house we start discover the art of landscape photography, with just a few simple pointers, you will get that picture ‘postcard look’.

As dusk approaches we settle in to photograph the Badgers active around their sets, to achieve this we will use our secret bespoke hides allowing these beautiful animals to behalve in their natural patterns. 

Then back to base for a very later dinner and discussions about the days work. 

Day 3:

Todays aim is to witness and photograph Beavers, Scotland's newest reintroduced animal. Beavers are part of a rewilding initiative to restore native species that were made extinct by the hand of man. This will prove to be a truly challenging, but hugely rewarding experience.

Then we head off into quiet and secluded woodlands for a unique photographic opportunity with the iconic and yet endangered symbol of native woodland, the Red Squirrel.

There will also be opportunities to photograph Wild Bore and the iconic Red Deer. Maybe even the majestic Stag.

Then back to base for dinner and more camera workshops, reviews and discussions.

Day 4:

Our day starts early with a boat trip to the remote Island of Scarba. This mostly uninhabited island allows for incredible access to photograph a vast array of wildlife, especaiilly Puffins and many species of seabirds. En-route keep your camera at hand for sightings of Dolphin, Porpoise and Grey Seals, even Orca and Humpback Whales have been sighteed before. 

To maximise the days oppertunity we will introduce a specialist camera skillset. High-Speed and Action. With this skill you will be armed ready to photograph Golden and Sea Eagles. 

The evening we spend processing your images, and an introduction into the world of Adobe Lightroom.


  • Due to weather and other enviromental factors the schdule may vary or alter. Anyhow learing how to abapt your photography is a key attribute, especailly when wokring with wildlife. 
  • At the end of each day there is a photographic workshop at camp, where the days stills are displayed and reviewed, and where assignments can be set for the next day.
  • During the hikes and at hides there will be many opptunistic tutorials for questions that arise. 
  • Due to the stealth required to photograph wildlife, it may be necessary to split into smaller groups.
  • You will get muddy, wet, cold, sunbrunt and bitten by bugs and all in the same day - come prepared and join the advneture!
  • Even with the use of hides and known vantage points all the animals we photograph are wild and sightings therefore can not be guaranteed :-)


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