New Earth Films is an international, but British rooted documentary production company based in both the Netherlands and the UK. Together, our team has years of experience in Adventure, Culture, Exploration, Environment, Travel and Natural History documentary filmmaking.

In total, we have visited over 160 countries, and stood on all seven continents.

Collectively, We have worked and built relationships with almost every respected broadcaster on the planet from the BBC, BBC NHU, National Geographic, Discovery Networks, PBS and Al Jazeera to name just a few, specialising in factual and observational film making.

Our work also extends to the world of NGO’s, Socially Responsible Companies, Foundations and Non Profits, helping them to communicate their needs. Within this portfolio of clients lies the work of some of the most respected humanitarian and conservation organisations to be found.

  • Mission Statement:

    “Our mission is to encourage a deeper understanding of our planet’s systems and bio-diversity while, at the same time, upholding protection of its people – the innocent and vulnerable.

    We produce factual shorts and feature documentaries that are powerful, inspiring, challenging and socially responsible. Our stories concentrate on Adventure, Culture, Environment and Wildlife. 
    Our films aim to nurture stewardship of the natural world and endorse respect for all humanity’s diverse cultures and people, whilst celebrating spirit of adventure.

    Above all we wish for reverence and celebration of our home ……. our New Earth.”

  • Code of Practice:

    “Our practice ethics flow naturally from our Mission and the belief that our films have integrity, honesty and admiration for their subject matter without sensationalism, manipulation or compromise.
    Honourable and impartial storytelling are the backbone of our existence. It is the DNA of New Earth Films.
    We respect all wildlife, environments, people, cultures and communities we visit and we remain vigilant about our own ‘New Earth’ footprint.
    We know we may not be perfect but we try to make a difference”.

    We are in the process of a 1% for the planet application.