"a passion for Documentaries, Factuals & Shorts"

 New Earth develops, pitches and delivers to broadcasters &  V.O.D providers… across the board


We love telling a story on a range of topics from social anthropology, new scientific discoveries, engineering a sustainable future, preserving our natural history or undertaking an extreme adventure, to name a few… Story telling in its basic form is part of our DNA.

Branded Partnership 

Outside of the broadcast arena, our clients also extend to Branded Partnerships including viral campaigns for YouTube or shorts for National Geographic and BBC World.

NGO’s, Socially Responsible Companies, Foundations & Non-Profits.

We at New Earth understand that on a large scale, most ‘good deeds’ are done by organisations and ethically rooted companies. Knowing that film can evoke change and understanding. Therefore our collaborations with NGO’s, Socially Responsible Companies, Foundations and Non Profits, has delivered shorts and full length documentaries for online campaigns and broadcast. In the process covering the work of many noted and worthy organisations from Unicef, WarChild to WWF.

New Earth Collabrations 

To achieve all our projects we collaborate with some of the best freelances in the biz, from Oscar Winning Directors of Photography to forma Channel Commissioners.

Mission Statement:

To produce documentaries, factuals and shorts that are powerful, inspiring, challenging and socially responsible. Films that in turn nurture stewardship of the natural world and endorse respect and tolerance for humanity’s diverse people’s and cultures.

Code of Practice:

Our practice ethics flow naturally from our Mission and the belief that our films have integrity, honesty and admiration for their subject matter without sensationalism, manipulation or compromise. We only work on productions that encourage good social practices and stewardship, and in turn we operate to the same responsible and ethical standards as yourself.